Apple CEO Tim Cook Announces Plans for Doubling the Business in India

Doubling the Business in India

India is the second-largest country in the world. So there is a huge scope for any product or service in India. Whereas some of the established brands like Apple, Amazon, etc, have already taken advantage of this. With the growing population, the demand for these companies’ products and services is also exponentially growing. 

Coming to the electronic category, it’s safe that Apple has the upper hand in India. Because over the years, the brand, Apple has maintained its top position in the Indian ultra-premium segment. Based on reports, the company holds a 74% share in the smartphone category in the Indian market. Apple products such as iPhones and MacBook are considered as more than products. They are viewed as status symbols in our society. 

Because Apple has established itself in such a way that only a few people could afford their products. Apple products are not only known for their high price tags but also for delivering a high-quality user experience. Most of its products offer high security and plenty of advanced features. Along with this, their stylish and innovative design is what makes them different from the rest. 

Overall, there is a continuously growing demand for Apple products in the Indian market. Indian users are showing great interest in Apple products. To satisfy their demands, Apple CEO Tim Cook also took necessary action toward that goal. 

Based on the latest reports, Apple has doubled its business in India and Vietnam. Tom Cook has announced that “we are optimistic about the future as we are witnessing strong demand for our products”

Counterpoint Research’s reports have unveiled that the company sold 3.2 million iPhones in India during the year 2020. Moreover, the recent quarter also benefited the company very much. Especially during festival seasons, the company noticed an upsurge in the sales of their products. Considering this, the following festival, Diwali, could bring more sales for the company as well. 

If you look at what products have been leading Apple’s growth in the country, then iPhone 11 and 12 are key players. Apple is looking forward to ending this year with a bang. This means Apple is getting ready to show its best performance during these last 2 months of the year. Apart from that, Apple plans to take key decisions regarding supply chains in the country. 

Because the global chip shortage has affected the company like every other company. However, the covid crisis has benefited the company. With the work-from-home culture and other trends, Apple has witnessed good numbers in its product line. Apple products such as iPad, Mac, Airpod, and services have experienced a boost in popularity during these Covid times. 

Without a doubt, there is a huge demand for Apple products in the Indian market. Keeping this demand in mind, the company officials also plan to serve customers like never before. Currently, Apple’s CEO has informed that they have doubled the business. Along with that, he informed that all the Apple products have achieved more than 20% growth in every geographic segment. If you want to know all the viral news happening around, then don’t forget to subscribe.

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