Apple Retail Stores in Multiple Major Cities in India,

Apple has established itself as one of the world leaders when it comes to smartphones and other electronic gadgets. Everyone in the world is well aware of this tech giant. Particularly India has developed a great admiration and love for Apple and its products. Based on Counterpoint Research, Apple leads India’s premium smartphone market with nearly 44%.

Over the years, Apple products have evolved from smart products to status symbols. There is a huge market for tech giant products in India. Indian users have been showing great enthusiasm towards the tech giant products like no other. Apple has reported a significant growth in its revenue and sales in the latest months. In July-September Apple reported a 212% on year growth in the country.

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By this, we can say how crazy Indian users are when it comes to Apple Products. However, there is one thing that Indian fans have been requesting Apple for a long time. Most of the Apple users one time or another have raised the request for Apple Retail Stores in the Country. Because Apple Retail Stores have gained widespread popularity for their state-of-art structures.

Most importantly, they offer a first-hand look at all Apple products. Apple has decided to make this a reality. Soon Apple will open its Retail Stores in multiple major cities in the country. Initially, it planned to set up retail stores in Mumbai or Delhi. Many things make this sound real.

Recently, Apple has listed multiple jobs posting on LinkedIn. The job descriptions have mentioned the details as hiring for Retail Stores. Also, it includes roles and responsibilities about how applicants work or deal with customers. Surprisingly, the job listing shows that it is only for selected cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

Priya Balasubramaniam vice president of product operations of Apple has shared some interesting insights on the recent Bengaluru Tech Summit. She informed that Apple currently supports around 1 million jobs in India. Apple has been operating in India for more than two decades. In 2017, Apple started manufacturing its iPhones at the Bengaluru facility. Later expanded to Chennai as well.

Along with that, Apple is planning to invest heavily in the Indian marketplace. To improve its supply chain, operation and engage with more local suppliers. Apple has many ambitious projects to support Indian customers in the smartphone market. As a part of this, only Apple has decided to Open Retail Stores in India.

The job listing Apple posted on LinkedIn shows that Apple is offering both contract and part-time employment. If you are curious to know about the positions, then here we have listed some of them. Apple is looking for Technical Special, Store Leader, Senior Manager, Operations Expert, and more.

So soon we can witness Apple’s grandiose retail stores in Mumbai or Delhi. Apple Stores have special attractions when it comes to luxury and style. Apple has huge market domination all around the world when it comes to smartphones. If you don’t want to miss out on the latest news, then don’t forget to subscribe.

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