Bride hits gym for a pre-wedding shoot Netizens are stunned

Currently, wedding season is going on in the country. People are exploring their creativity for making unique and never seen pre-wedding shoots. One of such pre-wedding shoots is going viral on social media platforms. A to-be bride made her pre-wedding shoot in the least expected way. Netizens are Impressed with her dedication to fitness and creativity in the video.

The viral video shows a bride dressed in her bridal finery and wearing a gorgeous bridal saree. Where she is performing dumbbell presses, triceps, and making the best of other gym equipment. In the video, we can also see other fellow people in the gym who are in shock. Video shows the soon-to-be bride and the cameraman.

Initially, the video came to the surface when Rupin Sharma IPS posted the video on her official Twitter handle. Soon the comments section flooded with memes and hilarious comments. Netizens made her video viral and now the video is making rounds on social media platforms.

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Written by Naveen


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