Delhi Youtuber Arrested for Shooting Video Inside Mathura’s Krishna Temple at Night !

Gaurav Sharma youtuber

Nowadays, people are doing foolish and ridiculous things just to get a few extra likes and followers. Recently, many people fell into trouble because of these controversial videos. Previously, we have seen many cases like this, from a girl dancing in the middle of the road to a boy shooting videos in sacred places. A similar situation has occurred in Uttar Pradesh Mathura. 

A Delhi-based Youtuber’s newly released video has landed the creator in trouble. UP police arrested the YouTuber, and an investigation is going on. The Youtuber, Gourav Sharma from Delhi, runs a YouTube channel, Gauravzone. Where he shares videos of haunted places, funny tasks and travel videos, and more. As of now, his channel has 4 million subscribers. 

Unfortunately, the latest video on his channels provoked many people. Which was shot on November 6 at UP Mathura. Gaurav Sharma, along with a few others, had shot the video in “Nidhivan Raj”, Krishna’s temple in Vrindavan. The temple is located at UP, Mathura. 

However, the intentions behind the video and the shooting time of the video were quite wrong. It is popularly believed that Lord Krishna and Radha perform “Raslila” in “Nidhivan Raj’ during nighttime. So it is prohibited for people to enter that place at night. Also, it is believed that whoever gets there in these restricted times will become mentally challenged and misfortune will happen to them. 

Gaurav Sharma also had received the same warning from others. Unlike others, he had decided to challenge it by getting there. He made a plan to visit the sacred place during nighttime. As planned, he visited the place by scaling the wall with shoes on without taking anyone’s permission. Based on reports, he went there along with his cousin and friend. 

The matter came to light when the YouTuber posted the video on his video channel on November 9. As the video went online, many people were offended and few legal cases were logged against Gaurav Sharma. Mathura Priest also filed a legal case against the YouTuber for the video. 

Later, UP police arrested Gaurav Sharma from his Delhi residence and shifted to Vrindavan. Then the following Sunday, he was presented in front of the court. Currently, he is going through 14-day judicial custody. Others who were involved in the 20-minute video are yet to be interrogated. The UP police officials are investigating to bring out all the suspects involved. 

The officials have been taking every action possible to delete the video from all social media platforms. Gaurav Sharma has deleted the video just after the FIR was filed against him. By then, the video went viral and made rounds on social media platforms. 

Surprisingly, this is not the first time the YouTuber Gaurav Sharma went to jail. Previously also he was arrested for posting a video in which he made his dog fly. His pet dog was tied with helium balloons and made the dog fly. The video has displeased animal rights members. People filed a case against the YouTubers under animal cruelty. Let’s see whether the YouTuber learns a lesson from all this or not. To keep in touch with all the trending topics out there, don’t forget to subscribe.

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Written by Pavan Teja


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