Hairstylist Javed Habib Spits on Women’s Hair Viewers Disgusted!

Nowadays everyone wants to get their hair done by a professional or hairstylist. However, we rarely question their credibility. A woman in the video has done the same mistake. Javed Habib, a famous and well-known hairstylist in a recent seminar, asked a woman to volunteer for a hairstyle demo.

She went on stage hoping to get a new hairstyle from the expert. But she received disrespectful and disgusting behavior from Javed. He spitted on the woman’s hair as he styles it. While spitting he says when there is less water ahead and goes on to spit on the woman’s hair. Moreover, some of the audience cheers and applauds for that.

To that, Javed says, There is life in this spit. The video has surfaced on the internet and many people find it disgusting. Not only Netizens, but the woman who appeared in the video as a volunteer also had felt disgusted about it. She said in a video that I even cut my hair with my gully hair cutter, but never with Javed Habib.

What do you think?

Written by Naveen


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