Hyderabad Based Olectra Signs a Deal Worth Rs 140 Crores With APSRTC !

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Electric vehicles are the new trend not only in India but in the world. Over the years, electric vehicles have evolved from a prototype to the best vehicles on the market. Currently, electric vehicles production and sales have been increasing rapidly. Customers also enjoy the ride of this new revolutionized transportation. Electric vehicles are not only eco-friendly but also easy to maintain and affordable. 

Hyderabad-based electric vehicle and insulators manufacturing in India have been making decent progress over the years. The company Olectra Greentech Ltd produces and supplies electric buses. Olectra company’s electric buses have been on roads for years. The company vehicles are running in multiple states in the country. 

Moreover, Olectra Greentech ltd is on everyone’s list of stocks. The company has been making decent profits for its investors. With that track record, the company has bagged one more handsome deal with APSRTC. Hyderabad-based Olectra received an order worth Rs. 140 crores from APSRTC. 

Based on reports, the company has received the award letter from APSRTC. To supply 100 electric buses under the FAME-II scheme of the Government of India. Currently, the news is making rounds on social media platforms. Investors and business professionals have congratulated the company management. The company management might be in a nostalgic mood upon receiving this Rs 140 crore deal from APSRTC. 

According to the agreement, the buses should be delivered over 12 months. Not only that, Olectra will be handling and maintaining the electric buses for an agreed period. The contract period has been mentioned in the report. Based on reports, these buses will be stationed at Tirupati depot. Which will be a great boost for the APSRTC transportation system. Also, these news buses will help APSRTC to attract travelers from other private travelers. 

Being an electric vehicle, it already has an advantage over its competitors. Electric Vehicles have been known for their eco-friendly nature and being the safest transportation. Nowadays, electric vehicles have a large appeal among youngsters, elders, and kids. So this new order could benefit both APSRTC and Olectra.

Coming to the bus details, these electric buses will be 9-meter air-conditioned buses. They will be having a seating capacity of 35+D. Equipped with lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries to provide 180km of travel time on a single charge. Moreover, it offers a smooth and comfortable ride for its passengers. 

Most importantly, these electric buses can be fully charged within just 3-4 hours. Being electric buses and offering zero carbon emission for the environment, the buses are becoming popular day by day. They have become the perfect green energy solution. The government also encourages such types of vehicle productions. At present, global warming and developing healthy green energy resources have become a priority no1 for the world. 

Companies like Olectra, Tesla, and many other E-vehicle manufacturers are making a great contribution to humanity. Surprisingly, These Olectra E-buses have covered more than 4 crore km on Indian roads. Also helped the country to reduce the CO2 emission by a factor of nearly  35,700 tonnes. If you don’t want to miss any new updates, then don’t forget to subscribe. 

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Written by Pavan Teja


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