Indian Embassy Officer in New York Gets Angry With a Woman

Whether it’s government officials or common people, Social media makes everyone accountable. One of the Indian Embassy officers in New York has realized this with a bitter experience. The Indian Embassy officer in New York lost his cool in a video where a woman seeking a visa to visit the country.

In the viral video, we can see the officer was quite angry with the visa applicants. He returned her application and her money and behaves rudely with them. The video has gone viral on social media platforms. The official Indian Embassy in New York has addressed the matter and issued a visa to the lady after the video went viral.

They also regretted the inconvenience caused to the visa applicant. Many people commented on the video. Some said this is not the way an officer should behave with others. Whereas some others extended support for the officer saying we can’t judge based on an edited video.

What do you think?

Written by Naveen


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