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Is E-Learning future of our education system in India


Technology has revolutionized every industry including education, making everything easily accessible for everyone over the world. Nowadays, students are attending school and college from the comfort of their homes. No matter where they are in the world they can still attend their classrooms virtually. All you need is a decent internet connection and a compatible device, and you are good to go. 

Without e-learning, it would be a nightmare for students to move ahead in their careers, especially in this crisis. Because of COVID every school and college has been shut down. And it became difficult for students to continue their education. But luckily we have the technology. That enabled us to attend our schools and colleges virtually and continue our education.

Elearning offers great convenience for both students and teachers. Most of the population already adapted themselves to this way of learning. So it is safe to say that e-learning is here to stay. Interestingly, eLearning comes up with new ways and upgrades to make learning more engaging.

E-Learning can be the future for learning and upskilling

Wide range of accessibility

If you are a student or want to learn any new skill or course, all you need is the Internet and mobile/laptop. Back in the old days if you wanted to learn specific skills you needed to attend a respected institute or center, to gain expertise in that field. But with the help of eLearning, you can access world-class institutes courses and teachings, just from the comfort of your home. In recent times, many reputed institutes have offered several courses for free for anyone keen to learn.

Personalized Learning Pace

Unlike traditional education, E-Learning offers a better learner-centric approach for teaching. So it enables learners to learn at their own pace. And personalized learning enables users to find the right strategies for learning more effectively.

With plenty of options to choose from, learners can choose what interests them. Learning something that you love allows you to scale your learning curve rapidly. Also, it provides learners to pick where they left off. Moreover, learners can achieve their personal goals by connecting with the instructor and other learners.

on-demand courses and skills

Not only your school and college classes, but you can also access most on-demand courses. Elearning allows you to learn the most in-demand skills at an affordable price. Moreover, they are easily accessible for everyone all over the world. Upskilling yourself with the on-demand skills enables you to get a better job with better pay. Also, learners can access these on-demand courses and skills from different regions without much effort.

Very Affordable

E-learning not only enabled you to access a wide range of courses and skills, but also made them very affordable. In fact for accessing most of the things that you want you just need only the Internet and a compatible device. With an internet connection, you will always stay on the road to learning. Fuel your curiosity and try various subjects that you love to pursue.

A fun way to learn new things

E-learning adopting new strategies and ways to make your learning process more exciting and fun. Some of the ways involve rewarding the players for completing learning modules. This encourages learners to stay on the learning path without getting demotivated.

Experts and Influencers taking advantage of eLearning

Many influencers and Experts are sharing their knowledge through their courses designed by them. In simple terms, eLearning enables people to make their courses and share them with their followers. Benefitting both Influencers and learners. Course makers can market their course and gain extra income for the value they provide within the course. At the same time it allows learners to learn from the people who acquired the practical real-life expertise.

Final thoughts

E-learning has many advantages over the traditional style of teaching. Also, it is one of the best booming fields right now. With the COVID crisis, its popularity skyrocketed. Considering all these points it’s safe to say that E-learning is here to stay for the future. And it will be the key ingredient for learning and growing in their careers.

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