Kacha Badam Song Becomes the Most Viral Meme Song Ever!

If you are a social media user, then you might have already heard this viral song, Kacha Badam. Kacha Badam’s song is buzzing on every social media platform out there. Netizens are going crazy over the mashups of this viral song. Not one or two but hundreds of meme videos and mashups of this song have been created on the internet.

Netizens have fallen in love with the song and the Badam seller who sang it. Some internet users call it a masterpiece, while others are blown away by the seller’s voice. The man in the video was Bhuban Badyakar, a peanut seller from West Bengal.

He cycles barefoot to villages to sell peanuts and Badam. To attract customers, the man adopted this unique strategy. His voice and song have become the trending sensational video ever. Take a look at this meme song!

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Written by Naveen


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