Massive fire at a marriage hall in Bhiwandi, guests keep enjoying

It’s very rare to come across a video that scares you and cracks you up at the same time. A recent viral video is filled with two mixed emotions that are making everyone scratch their heads. The incident happened at Ansari marriage hall in Bhiwandi, Thane Maharashtra. Recently during a wedding, a massive fire has broken out in the marriage hall.

In the viral video, we can see massive flames bursting out into the air. However, guests are busy enjoying their food and couldn’t lose their concentration from the food table. The video shows people who were continuing eating despite massive fire breaking out in the background. Netizens are passing hilarious comments on the video.

Netizens are commenting there is nothing more important than the free food”. The whole comment section is filled with hilarious memes and reactions. Take a look at this video!

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Written by Naveen


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