Meta CEO Mark Shows Off Haptic Gloves Brings Real-World Experien

Mark Zuckerberg and his team are currently working on making VR mainstream. However, this may take a while, but we can say that day by day, Meta is getting closer to that reality. Recently, Facebook changed its name to Meta to indicate its interest in Metaverse. Also, Meta is actively working towards combining Virtual Reality and Actual Reality.

Mark Zuckerberg has already informed his plans for making this new tech a reality. To offer users an enhanced experience, some interesting tools are being developed. One of them is Haptic Gloves that lets you touch, feel the texture and weight of the Virtual Reality Objects.

The VR-powered metaverse is creating hype all around the world. Meta seems to be actively working on this project more than its competitors. Mark Zuckerberg has been very passionate about this new tech and continually shares interesting developments around this tech. Freshly, he posted a new video on his social media handle. In the video, we can see Mark trying out these Haptic Gloves and messing around in virtual reality.

The video shows Mark playing chess, rolling dice, and Jenga. not only that, he fist bumps with other players in the VR world. Meta has made an official announcement about these Haptic Gloves. It said VR users can experience a range of sensations with the help of these gloves. Users can touch, feel the texture and weight of the VR objects.

The glove is made up of hundreds of tiny motors to deliver sensations across your hand. Still, there is a lot of work that has to be done. The company has to tackle many things to make them a reality or mainstream. Because wearing a glove with hundreds of tiny motors will make it uncomfortable for wearers.

Also, there is a high chance of heavy heat dissipation and other factors. So the Meta team is working on designing a glove with motors that are made up of soft and flexible materials. Interestingly, the company has disclosed that the designing process has become more challenging than expected. Though we are in the early bird stage, we promise to bring these haptic gloves to reality as soon as possible.

Based on the Meta statements, we can say that designing Haptic gloves that let you experience VR as Reality might take some time. However, we can see some impressive progress in a very short time. The latest published videos are the true sign of that reality.

Meta and Mark have posted videos wearing these haptic gloves. These haptic gloves truly make the VR interactions and play a reality. Soon we will be able to pair these gloves with the VR headset to deep dive into the world called metaverse.

Whereas in the video, we can see a girl playing around with a ball, feeling it, and throwing it off. Interestingly, one more person joins her VR reality, where both of them shake hands and play Jenga. If this technology comes to reality, there won’t be any boundaries between VR and Reality. If you love tech, entertainment, and viral news, then don’t forget to subscribe.

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