Mukesh Ambani and His Family Are Moving Out of India to London !

mukesh ambani in london

Mukesh Ambani, the man who doesn’t need any introduction, is now moving out of India. If things go according to plan, soon the Ambani’s will move to their new home in London. In April, Ambani acquired the 300 acres of Britain’s iconic country club and luxury golf resort for a hefty price. Based on reports, he spent 592 crores on this new lavish property. Not only that, Ambani and his family have performed this Diwali pooja in their new home in London only. 

Recently, Mukesh Ambani has entered the top 10 world’s richest billionaires list. Soon the entire family will be shifting to this new 49 bedroom London property. Ambani and his family will be spending their time between London’s new home and Altamount Road home in Mumbai in the upcoming months. 

Ambani’s decision to move out of India has baffled everyone in the country. Netizens are coming up with their theories regarding Ambani’s London home. Everyone on the internet has their own theories about Ambani’s London home shifting. Soon the news has become a discussion on Twitter. People are sharing their opinions about the issues. Some interesting memes have also surfaced on the internet. Moreover, these comments and memes are quite entertaining to go through. 

Some commented, “What does it say about the state of the union when Mukesh Ambani, one of the world’s top 10 billionaires, decides to set up a base in the UK”. Which gathered some interesting and hilarious comments on the social media platform. Whereas some other netizens stated that Mukesh Ambani is experiencing severe health issues. Moreover, recently, he had gone through a liver transplant so he could be moving to London due to health issues. Some said when you complete all your life tasks and have an uncountable amount of money, what else would you do? 

Whatever their theories could be, the reality is Mukesh Ambani and his family will be shifting to London soon. Most importantly, the thing that is making everyone scratch their head is about Reliance company. Everyone is thinking about how the business operations will be moving forward. Moreover, what kind of changes this will lead to in their businesses is still unknown. 

Along with that, everyone is curious about how the reliance share will react to Mukesh Ambani’s decision. The news came out to the public just a couple of hours ago. Whereas the stock market is closed today, it will be opening on Monday. So how the Reliance stock price and investors opinion will alter we will know only on Monday. 

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Written by Pavan Teja


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