Hindustani Bhau Arrested for Encouraging Students To Protest!

Hindustani Bhau Andolan END 🔥 | ab Board Exam CANCEL Hoga ❌

Mumbai local government has decided to conduct offline exams for classes 10 and 12. Regarding the same issue, there is a high tension going on in Nagpur and Mumbai. Recently, thousands of students protested against conducting offline exams. Several videos have surfaced internet showing thousands of students gathered near the Maharashtra cabinet minister residence.

Students gathered on the roads and raised slogans to cancel the exams. Soon police force was deployed to control the situation. The situation became critical near the residence of cabinet minister Varsha Gaikwad. However, police officials successfully stopped students from making things worse. After the protest officials have made several arrests, including Hindustani Bhau.

The reason behind his arrest was the last video he made on his Instagram. In the latest video Vikas Fhatak aka Hindustani Bhau, instigated students to protest against offline exams. The video has gone viral and landed the YouTuber in serious trouble now. Netizens were in shock after knowing that Youtuber got arrested. Take a look at the video that landed the Youtuber in FIR.

Written by Naveen

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