Little Girl Plays and Teases Elephant Like a Pet Adorable Video!

Watch: Assam Girl, 3, Plays Football With Elephant, Tries To Milk It

A video of an Assam girl and elephant friendship has awed the internet. Netizens were left speechless with the video of a girl playing with an elephant. A cute little girl could be seen in the video playing football and trying to drink milk from the elephant.

At first, the elephant and girl play football for a while and the girl could be seen roaming around the beast. In the second frame, the girl interrupts the elephant and teases the elephant. She tries to drink milk from the elephant. The adorable video has gained more than thousands of likes and comments.

Netizens were hailing their beautiful friendship all over the internet. When a reporter asked the girl about her pet, she said her name is Binu and she likes to eat bananas.

Written by Naveen

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