A Girl Turns Reporter and Walks Viewers Through a Miserable Road

Kashmir's Little Girl Turns Reporter | Highlights How Rains Have Worsened Road Conditions

Kashmir has been hit by snow and heavy rains this winter season. With heavy snowfall and rains, the roads of Kashmir went into terrible conditions. Most of the roads were filled with mud and rainwater. A little girl from Kashmir has highlighted the same thing with her own charm in the viral video.

Kashmir’s little girl turned reporter and surprised everyone with her cute expressions and reporting skills. In the video, the girl walks viewers through a road and gives running commentary. The entire road is filled with mud and heavy rainwater. A little girl makes her moves very carefully, trying not to slip on the mud road as the camera follows her.

The video has gone crazy viral on social media platforms. Netizens were amused with her reporting skills. Little kid from Kashmir is winning Netizen’s hearts and appreciation on the internet.

Written by Naveen

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