Kranthi Drillman Firecrackers Performance Freaks Out Everyone!

India’s got talent TV show is full of surprises and high entertainment. Every contest comes with new talents that will make everyone “WOW”. However, some performances will freak out everyone, including the audience and judges. One such contestant is Kranthi Drillman.  Drillman is the stage name that he received for his performance with the drilling machine.

The drill man Kranthi has an excellent track record of making everyone stunned by his performance. In some of his previous performances, we can see Kranthi making stunts with drilling machines. He puts a drilling machine in his mouth and nose. This time also he has come up with a unique idea to scare everyone.

Video of his latest performance on India’s got talent has been making rounds on the internet. In the new promo, we can see Kranthi placing firecrackers in his mouth. Not only that, he even lits them up, that’s when everyone freaked out. Judges were too scared to watch his performance. The promo has gone viral on social media platforms. Take a look.

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Written by Naveen


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