Leopard Grabs Pet Dog by the Neck and Jumps Over the Gate!

Viral video | Watch: Leopard jumps over a gate, grabs pet dog by its neck and escapes

Recently, a horrifying incident surfaced on the internet. The CCTV footage has gone crazy viral on social media platforms. In the viral video, a leopard out of nowhere comes into the picture and attacks a pet dog. In the beginning, the pet dog senses something outside of the gate. Then it gets closer to the gate, and suddenly, being terrified, it runs away.

Unfortunately, a leopard on the other side of the gate jumps over the gate. It attacks the pet dog and grabs it by its neck and jumps over the fence. In minutes, the leopard escapes the scene, dragging the pet dog.

The horrifying video was shared by Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan. Netizens have made the video viral. However, the location of the incident is still unknown.

Written by Naveen

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