“Nashik man develops magnetic powers after taking 2nd dose of COVID vaccine” news goes viral

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Till now we have observed that many people had experienced side effects such as headache, fever, and body pains after taking the COVID-19 vaccine. However, now you will witness something that you never had heard before. A 70-year-old man living in Nashik’s Shivaji Chowk made some bizarre claims about the side effects, that he got magnetic powers after taking the 2nd dose of Vaccine.
To prove his point, he even recorded a video showing his magnetic powers by sticking some metal objects to his body. And the video has gone viral on social media. Still, there is no scientific proof to prove whether these claims are legit. Let’s see some of the popular opinions about this magnetic man.
Nashik Man claims he developed magnetic powers after the 2nd dose of the COVID vaccine
Arvind Sonar runs a snack store and got his second dose of the COVID vaccine last week. After that, he claimed he had developed magnetic powers. He further stated that metal objects are easily sticking to his body after being vaccinated.
To prove his point, he made a video showing his claims of magnetic powers. This video has gone viral on social media, raising many questions among people. In the video, we can observe a youngster keeping spoons and coins on Arvind sonar’s arms. Most of the objects got stuck there.
Initially, family members thought it could be due to sweat, but after taking a bath they tried the same thing and indeed the objects were sticking to his body. Also, the family clarified that they were not making any claims. However, they don’t know whether this magnetic quality was present before.
Later Nashik Municipal Corporation’s doctor visited Arvind Sonar house
After the video went viral on social media, Nashik Municipal Corporation’s doctor visited his place to investigate Arvind’s claims. Doctor Ashok Thorat said, “indeed metal objects are sticking to his body, but we can’t confirm that it has happened after vaccination”.
As of now, He said that we will send a report to the government and after that, we will see if any investigation is needed. He further stated that after a proper investigation only we can come to some conclusion.
Meanwhile, the fact-checking unit of the Press Information Bureau (PIB) announced in a tweet that these claims are baseless and vaccines can’t cause a magnetic reaction in a human body. And encouraged people to get vaccinated.
Nashik Man viral video raises questions about COVID vaccine side effects
We are aware of the COVID vaccine’s effects like fever, headache, and body pains. With the recent magnetic man viral video, people are becoming more hesitant towards vaccination.
To provide some clarity on the matter, Dean of JJ Medical college Dr. Tatyarave Lahane has rejected Arvind Sonar’s claims of magnetic power.
He further stated that more than a billion people have taken the vaccine worldwide. And there is no connection between the COVID vaccine and developing magnetic powers in the body. There is no such thing to promote any side effects like this.
In addition to this, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) addressed the whole magnetization thing on its website under “Myths and Facts about COVID-19 Vaccines,”. It further confirmed that COVID-19 vaccines do not contain ingredients that can produce an electromagnetic field even at the site of vaccination, which is usually your arm.
Final thoughts
Arvind Sonar claims to be developing magnetic power because the 2nd dose of COVID-19 vaccination went viral on social media. However, there is no particular scientific reason behind these claims. Several reputed organizations have rejected these claims as baseless. And CDC stated that COVID vaccination contains nothing to promote such side effects like magnetic powers.

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