Netizens Awestruck by Guns Getting Home Delivered in Pakistan

Pakistan: AK-47 gun getting delivered to citizens at doorstep like hot pizzas |Oneindia News

Everyone knows how to order food online and get it delivered within minutes. During this Covid, most of the population has shifted to online for every household item. Strangely, in Pakistan, people are ordering guns for home delivery. That’s not all sellers are not only taking gun orders but also delivering guns on doorsteps.

You may think that it may be happening in some rural areas. However, gun delivery is happening in daylight in major cities in Pakistan, like Karachi. The news has taken everyone by surprise. At first, netizens couldn’t believe it to be true. Unfortunately, that’s the reality in Pakistan.

Some news channels have published the news on the internet. Now everyone on the internet is talking about the same thing. Netizens are surprised by the Pakistani system. Some even questioned authorities about the gun home delivery system.

Written by Naveen

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