The green kingdom will house the rarest of rare trees imported from 85 countries

The Green Kingdom

Hyderabad has many interesting and exotic places for tourists and locals to visit. It is very famous for iconic tourist places like Charminar, Golconda and Salar Jung Museum, and more. Every year, thousands of tourists visit these places. The government also takes extra precautions to preserve these places. So they don’t lose their natural and timeless look.

Freshly, A new fantasy-like botanical garden is getting on that list. A unique never-seen botanical garden is getting ready to amuse and mesmerize visitors is in the development stage. Based on reports, this fantasy botanical garden is named “The Green Kingdom”

It exists in Hyderabad near 40km away from the city that is quite close to the Chilkur Balaji Temple. It was created by R Ramdev Rao. He has been passionate about trees since his childhood. Till now he has gathered some of the most unique and rare species of plants and added them to his green kingdom botanical garden.

This ambitious project of R Ramdev Rao is spread over 150 acres filled with the most iconic and unique trees all over the garden. Rao’s has been working on making this project one of the top five botanical gardens in the world. For that purpose over the years, he added the most spectacular trees to his collection from over 85 countries.

Recently, he also announced that he is working to get a special import license from the Union government. Which will help him in getting the most exotic species like one from the Seychelles, which takes over 70 years to flower. Along with this, he is planning to get a few varieties of the Kalpavriksha too. Kalpavriksha has been there since ancient times and is nearly 3000 years old.

Day by day Rao’s Unique Trees Nursery is improving and getting a lot of attraction among citizens and environment lovers. Moving forward, Rao is planning to include many new interesting things in the garden. He is planning to arrange a resort with unique cottages. Which could be spread across nearly 30 acres.

Rao is ambitious and visionary. He also owns multiple companies like Unique trees and a sculpture factory. With the Unique trees company, he has supplied a variety of trees to some famous celebrities. Celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Chiranjeevi, Jr. NTR, and some other famous business tycoons. Whereas the sculpture factory helps businesses print their logo on their products. On products like computers, electronic devices, and others.

When asked how the idea came into existence, he said “I want to provide the highest quality plants to customers, along with unique offerings that hadn’t been available before. That’s how the green kingdom project came into existence. Till then he has worked hard to bring the garden to the stage that it is currently in. He is still planning to add some more and unique trees to his collection.

Every school student should visit the garden and understand how important mother nature is. Moving forward, he has some plans for encouraging schools to attend the garden. Many people still lack awareness about the environment. He is doing his part in improving awareness about the environment among people.

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