Vaccine Resistance Makes a Man Climb up a Tree in a Viral Video!

Puducherry: Man climbs tree to avoid vaccination | Watch viral video | Oneindia News

Vaccination has become a sure thing for everyone. Whether you are in rural or urban areas, vaccination is a must. However, compared to urban-rural people are still showing some degree of resistance towards vaccination. In a recent video, vaccination resistance has reached new heights.

In the viral video, we can see a man sitting on a tree and resisting getting vaccinated. The man refuses to get down for vaccination. He even says I will not take the vaccine, you will not get me. The hilarious video is making rounds on social media platforms.

As per reports, the video was shot in Puducherry where a middle-aged man created a scene to escape vaccine. Netizens can’t stop their laugh after seeing the video. Check out this viral video!

Written by Naveen

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