Chhattisgarh Village Resident Takes an Oath To Boycott Muslims!

Recently, a video of a Chhattisgarh village resident taking an oath went viral on the internet. Netizens are confused after hearing their oath. They have taken an oath to boycott Muslims in the village. As the video went, viral officials began their investigation and found some intriguing details.

Villagers came to that decision after a brawl between residents of two villages, Kundikala and Aara. On New Year’s day, a group of Aara village boys had visited Kundikala for a picnic. During their stay, they clashed with one of the local residents. Later in the evening, more than 10 people returned from Aara.

They have assaulted one of the Kundikala residents, Birendra Yadav, and his family. Though the officials made arrests the following day, soon they were all out on bail. Which made Kundikala residents furious with local police. So they raised slogans and held a demonstration in front of the lundra police station. Later they took an oath to boycott Muslims.

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Written by Naveen


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