Latest Rapido Ride Ad Featuring Allu Arjun Lands Him in Controversy !

Latest Rapido Ride Ad Featuring Allu Arjun

Recently, we have seen not one but multiple ads being trolled and opposed by many. Ads play a crucial role in building brand awareness among people. However, creating the right ad takes more than just a creative brain. Some ads like FabIndia, Sabyasachi, and a few other ads went viral, provoking millions. All these ads faced serious criticism from users on the Internet. 

Lately, one more brand ad landed itself in controversy. The Bike taxi Rapido app has created an ad featuring the famous south Indian actor Allu Arjun. However, the ad is getting crazy attention from users for the wrong reasons. Rapido ad landed the actor Allu Arjun in controversy as well. Displeased with the ad, the managing director of TSRTC V C Sajjanar will be sending a legal notice to the brand Rapido and the actor Allu Arjun. 

Allu Arjun is one of the famous south Indian heroes who has been a brand ambassador for multiple brands. He endorses Colgate Max Fresh, Lot Mobiles, Sree Chaitanya, and other brands. In the latest, the actor seems to promote the bike taxi service, Rapido. Unfortunately, the ad didn’t go well with the citizens. Looks like the latest ad has displeased many people along with some government officials. 

Several RTC officials have expressed their opinions on social media platforms. The ad has been criticized on several social media platforms. People didn’t agree with Rapido’s views of insulting the RTC which has been serving the public for decades.

Not only this new ad, but RTC has been a butt of jokes on multiple occasions. However, things will change from now onwards. The managing director of TSRTC V C Sajjanar has promised to take action against everyone who is passing derogatory comments about RTC. Rapido and Allu Arjun will be getting the first dose of that. 

In the latest Rapido ad, Allu Arjun made some derogatory comments towards RTC. He said “public RTC will make you like dosa, from dosa to masala dosa. Then he encourages his customers to book Rapido which is as smooth as making dosas.” The ad shows how you will become dosa to masala dosa by traveling through it. Also, it shows a bus filled with passengers both at the front and backside. 

Obviously, the ad promotes Rapido bike tax service whereas insulating or bringing RTC down is not acceptable. But the ad went a bit far that has landed both the brand and actor in trouble. Both Rapid and Allu Arjun will be sent legal notices from the TSRTC. Speaking on this V C Sajjanar has asked celebrities to promote public transport if possible. But don’t talk down the service which has been serving the Indian public even before you guys were born.

Not only that, V C Sajjanar has stated that serious actions will be taken against those who are spitting gutka and making bus stops messy. He even stated that actions will be taken against whoever goes against public transport. The actor has not made any official statement about this issue. Let’s see how things will turn out. If you don’t want to miss any trendy topic then don’t forget to subscribe. 

Written by Pavan Teja

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