MP Boy Rides a Horse for His Wedding With Top Security Around!

MP: About 100 cops stand guard as Dalit groom rides horse to his wedding

Nowadays, it has become quite common to ride a horse for a wedding. We can see in many wedding grooms make a royal entry on a horse to the wedding stage. Madhya Pradesh man also decided to get on a horse for his wedding. However, upper caste people from his village have threatened him for that royal entry. What happened next is what made headlines all over the internet.

The groom has requested the police force to provide him with security for his wedding. Luckily, the police force has granted his wish. Not one or two more than 100 policemen attended his wedding, providing top security for him. With more than 100 policemen as security around him, the groom sat on the horse and made a royal entry to the wedding.

Social activists have poured their application for the police force. Not only that, Netizens were impressed beyond words for the officials. Everyone saluted officials and hailed the video on the internet.

Written by Naveen

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