MS Dhoni featured in Unacademy new ad will give you Goosebumps!

MSDhoni new unacademy ad🔥🥵💛 #msdhoni #dhoni

MS Dhoni has a huge fan base in India not only for his cricket career but also for his ads. The cricketer has been featured in many ads till now. A recent ad of Unacademy featuring MS Dhoni has become the talk of the town. As soon as the ad went public, celebrities and cricketers like Sehwag and Samantha hailed the video.

The new ad has gone crazy viral, attracting heavy attention from netizens. In the viral video, we can see our hero, MS Dhoni, trying to outrun a train while many obstacles stand in his way. However, MS Dhoni runs towards the wall and shocking breaking them he passes through. He successfully outruns the train, passing all the obstacles in the end.

This video will surely give goosebumps to the audience. Also, it has become an inspirational and motivational video for viewers. Because it shows breaking obstacles with strong determination in moving forward. Shockingly, the video took one whole year to make. Now we can clearly the wait and efforts are really worth it.

Written by Naveen

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