Sonu Sood Partners With Intercell Startup That Mentors the Youth of India !

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Sonu Sood, who is a famous actor turned philanthropist during the Covid crisis, is also known for his entrepreneurial mindset. The actor is not new to funding startups and getting into partnerships with businesses. Over the years, Sonu has been involved in multiple businesses and startups. His interests are pretty widespread from acting to promoting businesses. He has many interesting passions. Freshly, the actor has entered into a new partnership with the K-12 mentoring startup Intercell. 

Intercell provides 1-1 exclusive career guidance through the world’s best mentors from 5000+ brands. The platform has onboarded many experts from various industries to offer world-class mentorship for youngsters. Moreover, the company provides seamless and affordable mentoring for students through a technology solution. 

In the past few years, many Ed-tech startups have entered the Indian market. Unfortunately, there is a record level of unemployment in India. Especially, when the Covid crisis hit the economy, many companies have laid off their employees. Millions of people lost their jobs and find it hard to get a new job. During that period, unemployment in the country hit an all-time high. 

At the same time, many people started looking for better opportunities. To help those clueless individuals, many new Ed-tech companies came into the picture. Many platforms like Byju, Unacademy, and other educational platforms have become a beacon of hope for unemployed individuals. During this Covid crisis, only they have experienced a peak level of user activity on the platform. 

However, there are very few platforms that offer proper guidance for all those individuals. That’s where the Intercell mentorships fill the gap in the market. Intercell’s mission is to provide career advice and guidance to new graduates and young professionals. With the help of leading industry professionals across the country. 

Whereas the recent collaboration with the actor Sonu Sood will offer the platform to expand its reach. Sonu Sood has a huge following among the Indian audience. In recent times, the actor’s popularity has reached a whole new level. With his philanthropic work and generous heart, the actor earned a special place in everyone’s heart. The collaboration with this mentoring startup will allow the actor to provide proper career guidance through the Intercell platform. Whereas the startup, Intercell can expand its awareness and users’ trust. 

Already the startup Intercell has established itself as a trustworthy brand in the Ed-tech world. Moreover, the recent collaboration is a win-win for both parties involved. 

Arunabh Varma, Founder, and CEO of Intercell addressing this collaboration said, “we’re extremely excited to partner with Sonu Sood. He is a Youth Icon with a following among the Indian audience. This will help Intercell to establish itself in both B2C and B2B markets. The partnership will give a great boost for the mentoring platform Intercell.” He further stated that “To uncover the secret to a successful career, our network of Global Mentors come to the aid of innumerable students and professionals. 

Sonu Sood has shared the news on the social media platform. His post read Mentoring the Youth Of India with the brand’s logo. Which has become a hot topic on social media. People are praising Sonu Sood’s initiative in helping both the startup and students in the country. 

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