Twitter has suspended Congress official Twitter handle for violating its policies

Twitter has suspended Congress official

Social media plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. From common people to political leaders, everyone is well aware of the influence of social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram. Especially, Twitter has been the most professional handle where everyone’s opinion matters.

But lately, the microblogging site, Twitter, is facing a lot of issues with congress party members. Several Congress leaders are angry with the platform for suspending their official Twitter handles. However, Twitter has clearly announced that it has suspended its account because they were posting content against Twitter policies.

Over the past few days, Twitter has suspended several congress members’ Twitter accounts. We all know that Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter handle has been locked over the past few days. Apart from him, other congress members include general secretary KC Venugopal, AICC office-bearers Ajay Maken, Sushmita Dev, and Randeep Surjewala.

Congress members were not happy about this decision from the Twitter handle. Some even accused Twitter of favoring Narendra Modi and acting against Rahul Gandhi intentionally. Whereas Twitter has made it clear that it has suspended accounts as they all are against Twitter policies.

Coming to the reason behind Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter handle being locked in his recent post. In which Rahul Gandhi visited the family of a minor Dalit girl who was gang-raped and killed. He posted the victim’s family photos on Twitter. After his post, many Twitter users even criticized him for exposing victim family members to society.

Reacting to Rahul Gandhi’s latest post, The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has reported to Twitter to take action against Rahul Gandhi for violating the privacy of a minor victim. Which is very strict and mandated by the laws of the land. Twitter also seems to agree with the NCPCR and has taken action against Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account by locking it.

Following that, Twitter has continued suspending multiple accounts of congress leaders for violating its policies. Congress members are claiming that Twitter is acting against Congress under the pressure from the government.

Several leaders from Congress have spoken regarding this matter in the past few days. Some even challenged twitter saying “suspended as many accounts as you want. Nothing will stop us from fighting for justice.

Whereas Twitter even stated to the high court about this issue that Rahul Gandhi’s account was temporarily locked because the recent content has violated their policies.

As of now, Rahul Gandhi will stay active on all other social media handles. His Twitter account has nearly 19.5 million followers, based on reports. So he has to wait for some time to regain access to his account. Twitter and the government are very strict about such incidents that resulted in Rahul Gandhi’s account suspension.

The Indian government has already made it clear not to share or post any content related to such sensitive matters. It is also informed that it will take serious action if necessary. BJP said that Rahul Gandhi exposing the victim’s family members’ identity is unlawful.

Written by Sandeep K

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