1000 Drones Fly Into Air for Beating Retreat Ceremony Rehearsals

Watch: 1000 drones rehearse for the Beating Retreat ceremony 2022

Beating Retreat Ceremony is evolved from a centuries-old military tradition. Every Year the event will be done at a grand scale at New Delhi’s Raisina Hills. Where several Indian army force divisions will be participating in showing off India’s great army force. This year, the event will be getting more colorful with the drone lighting show.

Based on reports, 1000 drones will be flying into the air during the beating retreat ceremony. A few videos of rehearsal of the drones have taken the internet by storm. Netizens are impressed and excited about the event. The viral videos show 1000 drones flying in sync with background music.

Along with that, a laser projection mapping show will be there. The drone show initiative is organized by IIT Delhi-based startup. This is the first time such a major feat is arranged for the event. Everyone is eagerly waiting to witness this magical and colorful moment at the event.

Written by Naveen

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