“Gigachad” why everyone thought his viral memes are Photoshop until recently

"GigaChad ''


“GigaChad ” if you don’t know who he is or what the hype is all about, then stay tuned. Nowadays, memes are the most trending and popular content on the internet. Recently gigachad memes exploded on the internet. It features an intriguing personality of a perfect male archetype. When these Gigachad memes flooded social media, everyone thought it was CGI or Photoshop.

Because that level of physical fitness, height, and chiseled jawline are impossible to find in one person alone. Everyone thought how could someone be this much perfect. So everyone rejected the idea that he is just a virtual creation.

But he is a real human being. When the gigachad memes went viral and everyone got curious about this man, some sources started digging deeper and finally found this mysterious man.

The reality is Gigachad is a man named Ernest Khalimov who is a Russian menswear model and bodybuilder. He is not super active on social media platforms. No doubt everyone had a hard time telling whether he is real or CGI. But he is not so popular beyond his name. His Gigachad memes are much more popular than himself.

Aside from Gigachad memes he is not very well known. He is a model for the Sleek’N’Tears company and Krista Sudmalis is the one who took his famous photos. Which went viral and raised many questions among users.

How did the Gigachad name come into the picture?

Initially, an unknown Reddit user posted a photo of Ernest khalimov on a subreddit. The guy who posted these pics was very much impressed by the marvelous physique and facial symmetry of Ernest Khalimov and called him “GIGACHAD”. Later it appeared everywhere. Everyone knew him from Gigachad memes rather than the real name Ernest khalimov.

Gigachad means the highest order of alpha males. Alpha males are the perfect leaders with 10 out of 10 physical looks. In simple terms, we can say Gigachad is an ultra-masculine, sexually attractive male and perfect male archetype.

These Gigachad photos originated back in 2017 but they went viral recently. In the recent months of February and March, these Gigachad photos saw a spike in popularity online. When his photographs were used in the video version of Average Fan Vs Average Enjoyer meme format. If you are active on social media platforms like Instagram or Youtube, you probably have already noticed these Gigachad pics somewhere on these platforms.

Even after the gigachad images went viral in the month of April he kept his silence. He didn’t speak about or comment anything about his photographs used in Gigachad and Average enjoyer memes.

In the beginning, he refused every single interview and business request. Everyone interpreted these actions and his absence on social media platforms as fitting for the Gigachad persona. Moreover, some sources even claimed in April that he died in a car accident. Everyone was very disappointed about this news, but it is very far from reality.

However, breaking his silence, he spoke on his Instagram account about car accident rumors and viral images of Gigachad memes. He said that there was no car accident, and he likes all the comments about his Gigachad memes. Finally, it is confirmed that he is real.

Written by Sandeep K

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